Three Veneer Contest 2012

The last couple of years we’ve had a marquetry contest at our Christmas party.  This year it was again the famous, “Three veneer contest.”  Each piece can only use three different types of veneer.  Here are the entries for 2012 and the winners.

Marquetry protrait of Ludwig Von Beethoven

Bob won first place with this portrait. His comments: “This came from the AMS catalog of marquetry
pictures. I used holly, pear and dyed black
veneers for the picture and borders. The finish
was created using ten coats of lacquer that were
then hand rubbed to obtain a very high gloss

Marquetry picture trees and water

Second Place winner made by Jim. His comments: “Dyed black (trees and border, all the black is a single piece
of veneer), Masur birch (sky and lake), walnut
(hills/mountains), lots of wipe-on poly finish.”

Marquetry picture wolf in the wild

Third place winner by Ken. His comments: “My inspiration for ‘Wolf in the Wild’ was a desire to ‘Beat
Bob’. Unknown veneer for back ground, dyed black veneer for
Wolf and dyed yellow veneer for eyes.”

Marquetry picture sea horses

Marcus entered this nice box. In his words: “Veneers used: Fiddleback Maple, cherry (on the top) and
walnut to make the sides of the box. We had a brief
discussion of how thin must wood be cut to be considered
veneer. Finished with shellac.
I saw a sea turtle box at last meeting and liked the marine
motif – love the sea horses at Monterey Bay Aquarium.”

Winners of the three veneer marquetry contest

The three winners of the three veneer contest.
Left to right, Jim, Bob and Ken


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