Three Veneer Contest Rules

The famous “Three Veneer Contest” is an annual favorite at our chapter.  If you’d like to have your own contest here are the rules we use:

1. Only 3 veneers may be used – in total (body and frame)
2. Different parts of the same veneer may be used for grain and tone differences
3. Individual pieces once cut may be sand shaded
4. Pieces of veneer may not be dyed
5. Dyed veneer may be one of the three veneers
6. Borders and edges must be from the same 3 veneers
7. May not use two veneers in picture and one veneer for border/edge

Our judging is done by vote of the members.  We have each person write down their choices of first, second and third.  The votes are tallied by two people who don’t have piece in the contest.  First place choice gets three votes, second place two and third one vote.  The most votes is first place.  We award prizes to the top three. The usual prizes are specialty veneers or other small marquetry items but more importantly – bragging rights.

Let us know if you hold a contest like this.  We’d love to see pictures of entries.


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